What is 8th Chakra Reiki?

If you are a current reiki practitioner and have never heard of 8th chakra reiki, then you are in for a treat.  This is reiki at an exciting  new level … literally! 


What is different about 8th Chakra Reiki?

It has a different reiki master symbol than the traditional usui or seichem reiki symbol but even at level 2, you will be able to identify up to 8 different categories of energy blocks including past life and karma blocks, stuck energy carried down or across the ancestoral lines,  and carry out the necessary techniques to remove them for good!

Why is it necessary to remove these blocks from our energy?

When this energy is stuck inside of us, it will put out a certain frequency or vibration and that’s what attracts certain people and events in our lives to us.  So this is why certain people attract the same pattern with a certain type of partner or family  issues in their lives whereas others never experience it at all.  It does come down to basic quantum physics at the end of the end of the day.

How did it come about?

8th Chakra reiki was passed on to Victoria E Armstrong in a series of meditations.   She was given the symbols and instructions as to how it was to be used and to pass it on to anyone wanting to learn emotional awareness and wellbeing.   The first session was right before her first workshop as a reiki teacher.  She had to carry out a guided initiation so that she could teach it and pass it on!   And after that, life became very interesting to say the least! 

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