8th Chakra Reiki Events

Even if you are already a Usui or Seichem reiki practitioner, you and your clients can still benefit from 8th Chakra reiki. See our list of upcoming events for Levels I, II & III.

Most of our 8th Chakra events are held in the Alicante Region of Spain with sunshine all year round and just 10 mins walk from the nearest beach.

Lunch is provided on the day of the workshop, accommodation can be arranged for up to 3 nights but you will have to book your own flights to and from Alicante Airport in Spain.

2020 Dates

Due to the pandemic we haven’t set any workshop dates for the rest of 2020 due to the current restrictions with the airports and social distancing.

However, we can still hold 8th Chakra reiki healing sessions and attunements via any video chat platform such as Skype, FB messenger video chat or Whatsapp so please contact us for further details of these.