Booking a Session

For anyone who can sense or see energy, you will already that 8th Chakra energy is gold in colour. It a very strong energy but powerful enough to remove emotional blocks. It is also ideal for ancestral and past life healing as well.

Sessions can be booked with any 8th Chakra Reiki practitioner and cost £50 per hour. It is a little more expensive that usui or seichem based reiki because it is activating and engaging the 8th Chakra above your head, which then brings it’s energy of prosperity into your physical and energetic bodies.

Traditionally Reiki has always been given one to one but with 8th Chakra reiki it can be given via video chat or skype. If accessing a video service is not feasible it can be done via phone as a last resort so please specify this on the booking form.

To book a session, fill in the form below with dates and times that you would like to have your session and someone will be in contact to confirm a date and time.