Discover how to harness the energy of 8th Chakra Reiki so that you can increase Emotional Awareness and Wellbeing?

Offloading your emotional baggage

Do you ever wonder why some people are constantly tired or feel intense emotional pain while others seem to simply deal with their emotions without a second thought?

Here’s the secret for dealing with emotional pain and establishing your emotional needs …

Let me explain … we don’t learn about our emotions at school. We go as far as learning about anger is bad, being happy is good and anything else in between is our guess as to what it is.  So unless you’ve been educated by your parents or peers then we have no idea even how our body even produces emotions and why!

So if you are experiencing emotional pain then you’ll know how heavy it feels.  This is because emotions have built up and are trying to release.

Do you know you can understand your emotions more fully by learning 8th Chakra Reiki?

If you ignore the emotional pain, it will eventually turn into physical pain in one or more areas of the body. This is the body’s way of getting our attention that something is out of balance.  However we usually tend to ignore it thinking it will just go away.

However it will then start to play out in your life to the point that it looks like you are just ‘unlucky’ with certain things.  You seem to always attract verbally abusive or dishonest people into your life.  You constantly have a sore throat or a pain develops in your right arm and ‘comes and goes’!

In most cases I’ve seen the pain builds up in that one area and the body then starts to transfer it to another area to distribute the emotional weight evenly.   However it will be more intense pain, or the patterns with people get more nasty but it’s merely just trying to get your attention.

So the big question is:  What can you do to stop this pain or these patterns?

Many clients starting coming to me for reiki initially, I was still working as an IT Consultant. However I was fascinated by this work and was eager to learn more.

I had learnt most of the basics by asking my Reiki Teacher questions and listening to any advice she gave me. I read the books she recommended and went on further courses to learn more about it.  I did draw the line at meditation though .. that was just something hippies did so I didn’t need to do it .. so I told myself!

By the time I received my Reiki Level II attunement I was still going strong in terms of learning about it and practising with friends and family at this stage.  I was also getting some great feedback from them which I think surprised me more than them at times. 

I remember one woman in particular telling me during her second Reiki session that her children wanted her to come for the Reiki session as they liked their new chilled out mummy! It was helping her to relax and manage stress more effectively after just one session.

During another Reiki session, a client was discussing intimacy problems with her husband and there was a lot of blocked emotions all around her lower stomach area and groin area.   I started to work on them with her to release them and when she left, she was lit up like a Christmas tree.  She’d been carrying a heavy burden of guilt around her sexual self for far too long. She was only gone about 2 mins when a man came rushing in, demanding to speak to me.  It was her husband.  He said he took one look at his wife and knew her baggage was gone.  He asked when my next available session was and booked in.  He said I knew you’d helped her as the look on her face was the same as the first time he’d met her.  Again I was stunned by this but I understood completely what he meant.  

The seriousness of it all came to a head for me when I went to see an IT client about her web site.  She’d just had a baby boy 2 months prior and I asked her was she thinking of having a girl next? She looked at me and said what do you mean?  I had no idea what I meant but I kept feeling she was having a baby girl next.  I said ‘Oh you’ve got 2 boys so there’s a girl in the pipeline now’.  She said quietly ‘What are you trying to say?’  I said I don’t know why I’m asking this but you’ve got 2 boys, there’s a girl on the way … so are you pregnant again?’  Her mouth dropped open and she said ‘Oh my God .. I just found out yesterday I was pregnant again.  Only my husband and I know about it.  I told my husband I would love to have a girl this time!’  She said ‘How did you know this?’  I looked her square in the eye and said ‘I have no idea’ but I felt I had to tell you that for some reason.   She said you don’t know how happy you’ve made me!  I really hope it is true.  9 months later she had a baby girl and a year to that week, I bumped into her in my local supermarket with her daughter and her mum.  She introduced me to her mum and asked if I would come down and see her again.  I had no idea this day would change my perception of emotional healing forever.

It turned out her father had been ill for nearly a year and didn’t show any signs of getting better.  He’d been to chiropractors, consultants and even a faith healer and still he was in excruciating pain.  He wanted to get better with a new grandchild on the way but his doctor had him taking 10mg of morphine daily because of the pain he was in.

When I walked into his kitchen I was shocked at how bad her father actually was. Born and raised in the countryside, always looking the picture of health, with a wicked sense of humour and a larger than life personality,  her dad was now slumped forward with his head down looking at his knees and ignoring the TV programme that was on.  I had no idea he was this bad and was unsure if I could help in any way or not.

I engaged him in some light conversation to begin the session and when I could see he was relaxed, I started to work with him on releasing the pain in his hip and lower back.  It was all connected with deep seated emotion over the last 5 years and it had all just built up.  I could feel at times he was resisting me due to his lack of understanding at how emotions could cause such extreme pain. He felt the pain get more intense and I had to help him stay focused on it as it was him resisting it that was causing more pain. 

We ended up stopping for a quick cup of tea to let things settle and then after explaining what I was going to do, we went back to the pain and released it in both his hip and leg.  I never forget the look of peace on his face as he sat there with his eyes closed, and told me he could see yellow bubbles in his mind’s eye and I knew he was seeing an image of the emotional energy releasing! It was such a fantastic moment to experience! I was maybe a bit more surprised than he was at the time.

My friend had rushed off to get her mother and when her mum arrived I could see she had the worries of the world on her shoulders.  She saw her husband standing up straight for the first time in 9 months and blessed herself as she said ‘Oh my god, it’s a miracle!’  She came over to me with a folded up note in her hand and said ‘I can see the difference in him already! Whatever you are doing, please keep doing it!’ and she stuffed the note into my coat pocket despite me refusing it. 

I headed off down the road as the family was heading out and the father was accompanying them as he said he felt well enough to go with them.  I stopped off to get some fuel for the car and thought I’ll use that £20 note she put in my pocket.  When I went in to pay and took the note out, I nearly fell over!  It was a £100 note .. I hadn’t seen many by that stage and even the cashier’s eyes were wide open looking at it. 

That was when it hit me, and as I drove home that night, I could see just how serious a situation it was for my friend’s family.  Her mother would have probably paid anything to see her husband back to full health again and there was me just treating it like a hobby.  I suppose in all honesty I was still in the closet about it as I had no idea what it was all about .. and nobody had given me a manual with how to deal with the situation with my friend’s father.  It was like I knew what to do intuitively .. and that was the key I discovered.  Using my intuition was what I was doing so that I could read the client’s energy and see what is really happening above and below the surface!

It has now taken me over 13 years of working with approximately 8000 people to build up my ability to read someone’s energy in relation to what is keeping them stuck or in pain.  I have finally perfected the process though with being able to communicate with someone’s inner intelligence system (their external and internal energy fields) and I want to share my 13 years of expertise with you.

This is what a reiki practitioner can sense when working with your energy fields. However, it’s only the blocks and issues relating to the current issue will be highlighted.

Now you can benefit from this knowledge and experience too.

To get started, we have to look at all 6 energy fields around your physical body.  Inside these 6 energy fields, you’ll find a wide range of stuck emotions from any of the 8 categories of emotional blocks.  We will start by doing an overall assessment in relation to one specific area of your life that is causing you emotional or physical pain.   This will show us where all the blocks are, how they got there, what you can learn from them and then we release them for good. 

You can look at practically any issue in 4 main areas: 
relationships, money, health and career

Each 8th Chakra Reiki Level is a 6 week programme and you will study quite a bit online to get yourself familiar with your own energy field, your emotions as a guidance system and how to identify the blocks and release them.  It really is one of the most transformational programmes you will ever do.  It is also a certified course at Levels I, II and III and you will receive the 8th Chakra activation attunement as well.    

Level I is all about healing your own energy and is the start of your own healing story

Level II is about healing yourself through other people’s energies and issues, using 8
th Chakra reiki to promote your own health and other’s health.

Level III is about mastery of your own energy and emotional processes and adapting to the prosperity consciousness and mindset.

This is an ideal course for any reiki practitioners, holistic or well being therapists.  We also work with health, relationship and wealth coaches and consultant to ensure success for them personally and any of their clients.

Example of 8th Chakra Reiki Level I Course content

Week 1 –  History of Usui and Seichem Reiki, how it came to the Western World and a brief introduction to the chakra system, emotions and our organs, sources of energy blocks
Week 2 – Root and Sacral chakras and the purpose of their energies
Week 3 – Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras and removing heart walls
Week 4 – Throat and Third eye chakras, Opening these areas to that you can speak your own truth and speak from the heart
Week 5 – Crown and 8th Chakra activation, intro to meditation and what information you can access through the 8th Chakra
Week 6 – Developing intuition, energy surgery, remote viewing and healing, past life and ancestoral healing, healing emotional wounds from inside the womb

This can really enhance the current level of service you give to your current clients. Imagine being able to eliminate their emotional or physical pain for good.  You can also use it on yourself too! So if you are ready to start your own emotional awareness and wellbeing journey , the click on the button below to get immediate access to Level I, II or III training and attunements.

With Levels II & III you will receive the 8th Chakra reiki symbol.

Level I – 8th Chakra Reiki – £150

Level II – 8
th Chakra Reiki – £250

Level III – 8
th Chakra Reiki – £350

th Chakra Reiki Teacher Certification – £180

If you are already a reiki practitioner then you can jump to the level above you.  Eg if you are a reiki Level II then you can be attuned for Level III.

For the teaching certificate, you must have been attuned to 8th Chakra Reiki Level III first.  All attunements can be carried out either in person or via video chat technology. 

Most attunements can be carried out remotely via video chat, skype or facetime. However if you do want to receive the attunement in person then please contact us to arrange a time and place.

Click on the Add to Cart button below to book your 8th Chakra Reiki Level I, II or III courses.

Levels of Reiki Course

For me personally it helped me to learn to swim.  From the age of 7 my mother sent my sister and I to swimming lessons.  For some reason it just didn’t click with me and so she tried again with more lessons when I went to secondary school.  I just seemed to have this really unexplained fear of deep water and couldn’t even put my head underwater.  I felt stupid on holidays too as any time we were near the pool I just spent my whole time being anxious about being pushed into the pool.  If we booked a dinner or sunset cruise, people would jump off the boat and swim around in the water whereas I would have to stand on board and watch them splashing around having fun! It wasn’t nice.

Then during a Reiki session with one of my 8
th Chakra Reiki teachers who had specialised in past life healing, picked up on the fact that I had been drowned in a past life.  In this life, I was a man and they had tied me up in a bag and put bricks in it to stop my body floating to the surface!  She helped me release the energy stuck in me from that time.  A few weeks later, I joined an 8 week swimming class for adults and by the end of it, something had definitely clicked.  I was able to swim underwater, along with being more confident with the front and back crawl and breast stroke.  I still swim 1-2 times a week as I find it’s very relaxing and good for enhancing my creative energy in terms of new ideas and solutions for myself and my clients! Victoria Armstrong

10 Benefits of 8th Chakra Reiki

1. It will give you more energy to do the things you want on a daily basis
2. You feel more relaxed and don’t get as stressed about things
3. It improves overall emotional wellbeing and awareness
4. Increasing your spiritual well being and awareness also
5. Access up to 8 categories of emotional or energetic blocks that are holding you back unecessarily in life
6. You develop a prosperity conscious and mindset
7. You can ask questions and gain insight into your soul journey
8. The balance of your feminine and masculine will start to restore itself
9. You will learn how to implement advanced psychic surgery methods
10. Your meditation practise will vastly improve and connection to your guides is much stronger

Today, you can begin your own emotional awareness and healing journey while learning how to harness the power of your intuitive abilities too .. or you can continue to experience emotional or physical pain in yourself or your clients.  But there is a cost of inaction:

– The body will start to distribute the physical pain to other locations in the body
– You will continue to carry around the same issue you’ve probably had for years
– You will never be free of the past
– You don’t get to know your soul in terms of ancestral or past life healing  
– No removal of emotional wounds caused in the womb
– You continue to feel stressed and frustrated by petty things in your life
– Your overall health and wellbeing will be dramatically  improved

Another intense series of sessions I carried out was with a guy called *Mike.  He started to lose weight quite rapidly in the run of to Christmas 2011. I told him I was a Reiki practitioner, what it involved and I could look at what was causing the weight loss.  A week or so later when he really started to feel physical pain in his lower stomach, he asked me to book him in asap.

When I assessed his energy around the area of pain, I could see a large black lump stuck in his lower large intestine! I knew immediately what it was and knew not to feed its energy or give it any recognition. I made sure to focus on releasing the emotional issues that were keeping the lump attached to him. It was like lots of emotional hooks were attached from his intestine to this lump. Eventually it released and 3 days later when he attended for a colonoscopy procedure, Mike was surprised to see on screen a space of short hair growing with a few black streaks in it. The consultant told him that hair grows inside the large intestine but with the constant flow of food, acid etc it doesn’t get the chance usually. The black streaks showed where something had been there but had obviously detached and was flushed out. I was gobsmacked to say the least to hear this but delighted that Mike was free of both his physical and emotional baggage. He was free of his past!

*Mike – Real name has been changed to protect his identity


What is 8th Chakra Reiki?

If you are a current reiki practitioner and have never heard of 8th chakra reiki, then you are in for a treat.  This is reiki at an exciting  new level … literally! 


What is different about 8th Chakra Reiki?

It has a different reiki master symbol than the traditional usui or seichem reiki symbol but even at level 2, you will be able to identify up to 8 different categories of energy blocks including past life and karma blocks, stuck energy carried down or across the ancestoral lines,  and carry out the necessary techniques to remove them for good!

Why is it necessary to remove these blocks from our energy?

When this energy is stuck inside of us, it will put out a certain frequency or vibration and that’s what attracts certain people and events in our lives to us.  So this is why certain people attract the same pattern with a certain type of partner or family  issues in their lives whereas others never experience it at all.  It does come down to basic quantum physics at the end of the end of the day.

How did it come about?

8th Chakra reiki was passed on to Victoria E Armstrong in a series of meditations.   She was given the symbols and instructions as to how it was to be used and to pass it on to anyone wanting to learn emotional awareness and wellbeing.   The first session was right before her first workshop as a reiki teacher.  She had to carry out a guided initiation so that she could teach it and pass it on!   And after that, life became very interesting to say the least!