About us

The 8th Chakra is like a gateway to your soul and one that isn’t limited or restricted by time or the constraints of human thinking.  Therefore you can access any past or future events in this lifetime as far back to when you were in the womb.  You can even learn how to regress back to past life events  too.   

Working with any aspect of your soul, you can tap into all your karmic lessons, soul contracts and soul evolution.   This is where we can identify barriers to emotional balance and restore it, either in ourselves or as a practitioner/therapist. 

So how can you become attuned to the 8th Chakra energy? 

Prosperity thinking and consciousness has been about for many centuries but yet it’s still something that many people are not aware of, never mind had the opportunity to study or experience it. 

Being a complete skeptic to all things, spiritual, holistic and even emotional, Victoria was basically running on 2 wheels of her car metaphorically. From the outside she was seen as a business success with her IT business. She was in high demand as an IT trainer and consultant. Outside of that, she was the youngest ever chairperson of her local business network, won a business award for her region, and appeared regularly in the local newspapers.

She was married, her husband and her had a lovely house in a nice area, a few rental houses and enjoyed 2-3 holidays a year and was able to afford a brand new car every couple of years. However she felt empty on the inside and couldn’t find anything to fill the void. It was whilst teaching an evening class on creative writing that she met her reiki teacher and it was on her recommendation that she did her Level I Usui Seichem Reiki in 2004 and that is when the door to building her 3rd and 4th wheels on her car swung open.

She has never looked back from that day. Learning reiki was what saw Victoria through many tough times in her life including a miscarriage, divorce, caring for her father in his last few months to name a few events. However she has used reiki and her understand of energy and emotional awareness to do stand up comedy for 6 years, run her first marathon and present regularly live on Sky TV. So reiki can be used in many life situations to either face challenges or solve problems.

We run regularly workshops to become a reiki practitioner from Levels I, II and III. You can study the theory online before or after and you receive your reiki attunement. This can be done via video chat service such as Skype or Facetime.

If you would prefer to receive your attunement in person then please see our Events page for details of upcoming Reiki workshops to receive your 8th Chakra Reiki attunement, click here >>